Sunday 20 May 2018
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Fax Machine v/s Online Fax: Who Wins the Race?

Fax Machine v/s Online Fax: Who Wins the Race?

Whenever there is a new release of some certain kind of technology it always seems like the people known to it are always waiting for a new catch. One of the instances is online fax services, where the shifting from the old and conventional way of doing things to using the latest avant-garde technologies. Whereas for the people who still aren’t aware of it, this article will draw a distinction between a fax machine and online fax services to clear the fog of confusion. Read on.

Why should you switch from a traditional fax machine?

Online faxing doesn’t require a setup fee, whereas a new or refurbished fax machine will cost you a lot of money. Online fax machine provides 24/7 troubleshooting services, where fax machine doesn’t. Online fax customers save up a lot of costs by using its services, on the other hand, fax machine requires a lot of things like fax machine ink, paper etc. Online fax services are fast and easy to use. You can also send and receive multiple faxes simultaneously. On the other hand, when you want to send a fax from a traditional machine, you first have to load the pages individually, dial-up, scan, transfer and receive, and then repeat in order to send other faxes. Online fax machine doesn’t seem like much of a load now, isn’t it? If you still aren’t sold, here are more distinctive features amongst the two below:

Online Fax Services Are Quite Affordable

These services are free to setup with no requirement to install phone lines. It also provides free tech support, maintenance and software updates.

On the other hand, the initial equipment cost to install the traditional fax machine is quite high. A phone line is mandatory to install. It also adds to the cost by charging you maintenance fees of sorts.

Online Fax Services Are Quite Efficient

These godsend services allow you to send or receive faxes on any electronic device you use which has access to the Internet. You can also send multiple faxes simultaneously, schedule multiple fax transmissions to be sent at a specific time etc. It also provides a feature to clear out the junk faxes without printing them on paper.

Whereas, traditional fax machine has only one access point for fax transmission. You cannot send multiple faxes simultaneously, you have to wait until one fax is sent. It takes up a lot of time and effort. It is mandatory to print every fax whether you need a hard copy of it or not. It wastes a lot of paper. It also includes a lot of charges like maintenance costs, paper costs etc.

Online Fax Services Are More Secure and Environment-Friendly

Your online fax messages are secured with a password, it is nearly impossible for anyone to read your messages. Also every message you send or receive is secured by encryption. It also saves a lot of paper and electricity. To know more about how online faxing can make your life better, head on to

There is no scope for data safety when it comes to traditional fax machine. Phone lines are not encrypted. Wastes a lot of paper, time, electricity and money.