Sunday 20 May 2018
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Food and Beverage Construction Projects: A Special Expertise

Food and Beverage Construction Projects: A Special Expertise

Every construction project must be planned and completed according to strict-but-important guidelines. There are always general codes for structural strength and safety, as well as regulations for electrical service, utilities, and special access. Add to this the requirements for vehicle access, safety of the public who live and work nearby, and more, and any project can become quite complex.

There’s More

When new construction and installation is for the foodandbeverage industry, the work takes on a degree of difficulty that separates this field from general building design and installation. A commercial contractor may be entirely capable of completing a large part of the work, but there are specific requirements that may call for the construction services of an experienced engineering firm.

Two essential elements that come to mind immediately are sanitation and temperature control. For every food or beverage processing facility, cleanliness is first on the list of priorities. With this type of construction job, it may be wise to enlist the help of a professional who will not only understand the requirements set out by a health department inspector, but who will be able to guide the project through many of the details based on past experience.

Food and Beverage Construction Projects

Before construction begins, the engineer will work with the inspection agency and other building authorities to make sure everyone involved understands the regulations that apply. The expert in foodandbeverage construction will also be able to make the planning and design process more efficient because he or she has worked with this specific type of project before.

Always Changing

If you are in need of professional guidance for your food-service facility, you would be wise to work with a partner who has years of experience in this specialty. Because of changes in technology and the new regulations that apply to the food industry, it may be difficult for the business owner or general contractor to feel comfortable with this type of work.

Engineering personnel who have completed such a facility will be up to the challenges, anticipating the unique way in which foodandbeverage construction must be treated. For example, the equipment used to process food must be carefully installed in a precise manner, allowing for efficient cleaning required by health regulations.

Provisions for adequate water supplies must be taken into account for processing the finished product and for cleanup and disposal of byproducts or waste. Wastewater is always a concern in food-industry construction, so engineers and plant designers must make provision for this important process.

Apart from the health and public safety concerns, proper design and construction of a facility must take into account the efficiency of the production process itself, along with the safety and health of the employees. With the right construction oversight, these details will be addressed properly in the planning stage so that they do not become obstacles during the building phase.

With all of this in mind, the experienced professional will also remain flexible, allowing for changes in the way service is delivered, but always with the best interests of the client in mind. He or she will also have established relationships with specialists and process experts who will help deliver a satisfactory end solution.