Thursday 23 March 2017
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How to Add Text to Any Picture


Many people like to add text onto pictures to show their comments or remarks about what they think of the pictures. Adding text to photo is a way of showing that you are taking credit for the photo. Most standard photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to add text onto the photo. Movavi Photo Editor for Mac offers a wide range of font styles collection for you to design the text watermark.

You can also use the text editor in the software to add inspirational quote onto a scenery photo. You will also find the text editor useful when you want to create a custom greeting card. You can use the text editor to add any message that you want to say to the recipient on the photo greeting card.

You don’t have to be afraid about not able to follow through difficult tutorials to learn how to add text to a photo on mac . This is because the text editor in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac is extremely easy to use with no previous experience required. It allows you to make a statement on the photo in just a minimal amount of time. You can make adjustment on the text formatting so that appear more aesthetic on the photo. The text panel in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac can be access by clicking on the Text tab on the right.

To add text, the dotted white line frame with the blinking text cursor must appear on the picture first. You must click on the blue Add Text button in order for the dotted white line frame to appear. You can click inside the white line frame and type in the text for the picture. If you drag the corner of the dotted white frame, you will see a blue round icon that shows two way arrows. This means that you can drag it inward to reduce the size of the white frame or drag it outward to increase the size of the white frame.

In Movavi Photo Editor for Mac, you get complete access to all the fonts on the computer. If you want the text on the picture to be easy to read, you should choose a classic font like Times New Romans from the font type drop down menu. If you like the text to appear in a more creative style, you can explore other font styles. The font style will immediately apply onto the text when you select it from the drop down menu. If you can’t find any suitable font, you can go online to search and install a suitable font and it will be available for you to use in the text editor in the software.

Movavi Photo Editor for Mac allows you to change the text background color and the font color. The font color can be changed to complement with the color theme of the photo background. The typeface can be tilted to make it look more eye catching. Rotating text block is easy in Movavi Photo Editor for Mac as you just need to drag the slider. You can click the square color palette on the left to change the font color.