Saturday 21 April 2018
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Top 5 SEO Tips for Online Writing

Top 5 SEO Tips for Online Writing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO writers are very much in demand in the current content writing industry. Many businesses need an SEO writer in order to get better visibility online. When you join a content writing company, they usually ask you about your SEO skills. A content site which provides content writing services to global clients requires good writers who have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. We have listed the Top 5 SEO tips for online writing which will help you to improve your SEO skills. Take a look! You are one step away from becoming a fantastic SEO writer.

  1. Focus on the Quality of Article but Use Targeted Keywords

Usually a writer does not maintain the quality of the article while using keywords. SEO can help you to become a better writer because you would learn to churn out content which revolves around the target keywords. It will help you to stick to the subject than deviating. Maintain the quality of the article and focus on the keywords as well.

  1. Use Related Keywords or Synonyms

The search engines use LSI technology which detects articles that are relevant for the reader. Do not use the same keyword again and again. You can use related keywords or use synonyms. If there is a keyword, ‘Top 5 Universities in United Kingdom’, you can write something like, ‘Best Universities in United Kingdom’ or ‘Most Popular Universities in United Kingdom’. Avoid using the same keyword again and again.

  1. Write for your readers

Think as an online reader – What would you want to read? As a reader, you have many unanswered questions in your mind. The reader is looking for the right answers. Write from a reader’s point of view. Answer the questions they might have! They will type a question in Google search engine and your content should have the answer to it.

  1. Use the Keyword Naturally

As a writer, you need to learn the art of writing an article with keywords in a natural way. It should not look like it has been forcibly stuffed in the article. The keyword should be incorporated naturally as it makes your content readable. Ebook copywriters should be able to use the primary and secondary keywords naturally in the write-up.

  1. Fill Your Meta Description and Title Tag

Do not leave the meta description empty because Google will fill it out for you. The power should be in your hands of how you want to sell your page. Make the title attractive by adding the keyword to it. You should research about the trending keywords as well.

If you are a part of a content writing agency, you need to keep these SEO tips in your mind. They will help you in a long run. You should always remember that stuffing keywords in an article will not help you to be a good writer. You should be creative and smart while writing the SEO articles.