Sunday 20 May 2018
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Why are E-cigarettes so Famous

Why are E-cigarettes so Famous

 The easiest way to answer this question is to say that e-cigarette is a part of the new Cultural Revolution. Anyone who decides to buy an e-cigarette is mostly making that decision based on biased reviews and ad-campaigns. Most people don’t even have the slightest idea about the product but they buy because someone they know has already bought it or they saw an advertisement on a website or on a television channel. The reason this article is being written is to give a very basic idea about e-cigarettes so that you can make an informed decision to buy this product or wait for something better.

What’s good about e-cigs?

Let’s get the good parts out of the way first. The main objective of the best eliquid cigarette is to provide an alternative method of getting Nicotine without smoking. Nowadays everyone is buying e-cigarettes because they do cost less, the price of an ejuice refill is far less than that of a weeks’ worth of cigarettes. But the price isn’t the important factor; usually cigarettes have got cyanogens, carcinogens, arsenic, carbon-monoxide etc. as a part of their blend and wrapping. So getting rid of all these by-products in the e-cigarette is the best part about those. You get to smoke without these problems.

A few negative points

If you are a new-comer into the smoking world, we recommend that you simply stop smoking as soon as possible and give up the desire to ever smoke. We also recommend that you get yourself checked out by a doctor and find out the easiest way to control your urges. Although e-cigarettes are much safer than normal cigarettes, they are basically nicotine delivery systems. Nicotine is one of the worst addictive substances available today. It causes long time illnesses including lung cancer, copd and many more. If at all possible then stop smoking as soon as possible, use an e-cigarette to regulate your smoking routine slowly and then finally change this habit.

Safety concerns

E-cigarettes come with a liquid chamber made for the e-liquid. This liquid is the most important part of the cigarette because it has the nicotine in it. The e-liquid is basically a concentrated nicotine solution. So wrongful ingestion of this liquid will lead to very severe nicotine overdose with nausea, headache and vomiting being the main symptoms but many serious conditions may arise. Also, the batteries used in these e-cigarettes have a very notorious history of exploding. So keeping them on or near your body is a very risky thing. Since e-cigarettes are something you need to carry around, this is a very significant problem.

Read before you buy

Using e-cigarettes might be the cool thing to do now but you should refrain from smoking altogether if you can. But if you are already an addict then the best possible thing for you is to use an e-cigarette. You need to check reviews and websites on the internet and gather as much information as you can so that you can buy the best eliquid for you. A number of flavors and types are available so choose wisely.