Sunday 20 May 2018
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You Get Sick or Injured Abroad – Here’s One Way to Raise Funds

You Get Sick or Injured Abroad – Here’s One Way to Raise Funds

The last thing anybody wants to happen is to get sick or injured while travelling abroad.

Nonetheless, it happens.

Traditionally you were at the mercy of either the host nation and its healthcare system or your travel insurance provider. With the advancement of the internet and the fact that people are now universally connected, you now have another option.

Enter Crowd Funding

Crowd funding has been used for many great purposes – raising money for charity, funding new inventions, raising capital for startups and helping those in need.

It works by a fundraiser setting up an account on a crowdfunding website, then creating a page which people can fund with as little or as much money as they see fit.

It is remarkably simple yet effective. All a donor has to do is click the link and use his or her credit or debit card to make a donation. Of course, the person asking for donations never sees the card details so it is all 100% secure.

How Can Crowd Funding Help You?

If you are abroad and you get sick or injured you can use crowdfunding to ask your loved ones to help.

Rather than have to reach out to every individual and pass your bank details (which you may not even have access to) around, you can create a webpage asking for help on a great crowdsourcing site like Plumfund who has a specific medical hardships page to raise money on.

After you create the page you can send it out on Facebook, Twitter, via email or by any other social media platform you choose reaching hundreds or perhaps thousands of people instantly, including all of your close friends and family.

If everyone who cares donates a small amount this can quickly add up. This should help you pay whatever premium required for you to get the medical help you need.

So How Do You Get the Money?

Most crowdfunding sites will have various tools to help you both spread the news to raise funds and also to aid you in actually getting your hands on the money.

It can be transferred to your Paypal or WePay accounts or a physical check can be mailed to you if you have a little more time to spare.

Choosing the Right Crowdfunding Site

When choosing a Crowdfunding platform to help you raise funds you will need to consider a few things such as:

  • Fees – Does the site charge you to set up a fund or receive your money?
  • Card Charges – What percentage of the total will it cost your loved ones to donate?
  • Tools – Does the site have tools to help you raise awareness quickly?
  • Security – Is the platform well known, trusted and secure?

You’ll need to consider those things and more when choosing a crowdsourcing website.

To Sum It Up

Crowdsourcing is changing how funds are raised in many situations. From business to charity to personal funds for any purpose, there are a multitude of success stories from people who have used Crowdsourcing to change lives.

You can use it too if you ever find yourself in need while abroad. Why wouldn’t you harness the power of the world-wide-web to help you when you need it most?